Set up your
consulting service
in just a few seconds.
A video-based catalogue that covers your website, 1:1 bookings (online or offline), CRM, and payments for you.
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Complete your profile & record an intro video.
Your intro video provides potential clients a glimpse into your services and your personality! Think of it like your online business card.
Define your services & set the place.
Turn your expertise into a business. Offer your knowledge and get paid for your time. Meet where and when you want. (online or offline)
Receive (customized) URL & get booked!
Attach this link to your social media, and you are ready to go! Customize your brand on your URL. Get booked and deliver your service in your preferred way.
Streamline your after sales services & relax!
All of your forms, customer profiles, documents, meeting minutes and more are handled all in one place. Less for you to remember!
Why do service providers love us?
Easy to use, you set the working conditions.
No back-and-forth scheduling, work on your own terms! Special knowledge of coding or other technology is not required. We make it foolproof for you to succeed.
Meet the way you want
Focus on what is important. Use Korsi wherever and whenever it works best for you! Whatsapp, in person, Google, Skype, phone, Zoom - it’s your choice because Korsi is well connected!
Save more time & money
Everything you need to run your business is in one place. We coordinate the boring stuff for you. We put your workflow on autopilot.
Keep earning 100% of your sales.
We don’t take a portion of your income. Set your own rates and save hundreds each month!
We help you to:
Video-based catalogue
Korsi helps you to showcase your services. You save time, money, and hassle.
short text profile to describe your services
Videos help increase your conversion rate by 25%
Customized URL for your service
No need to spend thousands on a custom website! You can put your brand in your Korsi URL. We have you covered.
URL that you can embed directly on social media
You can personalize your URL to your brand
Automated sales funnel
Improve your brand by making the purchasing process seamless and increase your customer’s satisfaction.
Advertise for your niche! Dog walker? Nutritionist? Therapist?
Easy payment
Share your brand’s link
Earn more, your way!
Call to instant action
Let your audience convert clients to a better conversion rate.
sales-oriented design
Direct path to purchasing
Clean funnel to becoming your client
CRM helps you manage your clients meetings, forms, and files
A community of professionals
Don’t take our word for it
Join as a professional